Journey Starts : Thank you Human Behaviour Academy (HB academy)  

It is all always not easy to learn a new knowledge especially technology when age is catching up. This young trainer, Ms. Mei Ying has done a great job to nurture our skills and encourage us to start a blog.

The friendly coursemates are so supportive. They share their experiences to improve the technical skills when writing a blog.

This free training is organised by HB Academy Malaysia. Before joining this session, I doubt it the quality and outcomes of this training.

“Am I going to learn anything in this 2 hours program?”

“It must be a preview and lead me to join the full day program and pay”

This negative perceptions derived and I think the other participants would feel the same.

However, it opens my eyes with the skills I have. It is never too late to learn. Even this blog might be ugly but I would consistently to share something to brush up my skills. Again thanks you HB ACADEMY and Ms . Mei Ying

Even she is young but can deliver a great job! Age does not reflect a person skills, knowledge and ability.

Thanks again.

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  1. norlia abdul rahman says:

    we must stop to learn something new everyday but not to stop learning even when you’re old like me. when you stop learning you’re just like a dead wood!. enjoy what life brings…

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  2. Lim Chai Loy says:

    Dr, I am sure your blogs will be very popular and interesting. We are looking forward to it everyday.

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  3. Zack Lim says:

    Fully agree with you, don’t stop learning, no matter how slow. I am now 62 yr old and a builder since I graduated but I do not know much about concrete until 7 years ago I decided to be a concrete floor expert and today I am proud to be one of the handful experts not in Malaysia but ASEAN . So keep learning.

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  4. Learning always is a powerful tools. Well done

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  5. hiew fei tsong says:

    Thanks for Prof..learning is a powerful tools .keep our mind always competitive!

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  6. norlia abdul rahman says:

    Congrats Zack for being an expert at something ..even at your age.. some people died without achieving anything in life. It’s never late …just a matter of timing..


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